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Alien news: ‘Secret base’ spotted on MOON sparks frenzy

A strange object is seen on the moon

A YOUTUBE conspirator believes he has found proof of a “secret space programme” being conducted on the moon. In the clip, a bright orange object can be seen planted in the centre of a crater. “What is going on on the surface of the moon?” asks Blake Cousins – of thirdphaseofmoon – as he zooms in on the unidentified object. ...

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Dumbo octopus monster SPOTTED by deep-sea EV Nautilus explorers

dumbo octopus

A DEEP-SEA vessel has captured creepy footage of a giant, ghostly creature rarely seen alive. The “dumbo octopus” trails through the sea like a phantom, flapping its fins like a ghost. It also has bizarre webbed tentacles — which is why it is sometimes dubbed the umbrella octopus. The beast was found by an underwater drone off the coast of ...

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