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NASA spots huge ‘thermal anomaly’ in Atlantic Ocean sparking frenzy

Thermal anomaly

Video footage shows the strange discovery uncovered by the Suomi NPP satellite of South America and the neighbouring ocean.  It uses Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)  – a device jointly operated by NASA and NAOO – to detect fires. Thousands of small red circles can be seen dotted around the map, indicating areas that are unusually warm. But there ...

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Google Earth spots ‘secret spy plane’ in US military base near Area 51

Tonopah Test Range

A SECRET government project has been exposed hiding inside a military base that was blurred for eight years, according to outrageous claims online.  Google Earth hit headlines earlier this week after it failed to reveal a military site in southwestern Nevada for almost a decade. The base, rumoured to be used for experimental weapon testing was shown as a series of dry lake beds in ...

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