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Russia says mysterious hole found in the International Space Station was drilled from INSIDE

Theory one – it was caused by a small meteorite A tiny hole appeared in a Russian space capsule locked to the ISS on 30th August. The ‘micro fracture’ believed to be around 2mm wide in the $150 billion (£115 billion) space station was discovered after astronauts noticed a drop in pressure. European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst reportedly put ...

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Phoenix Coldon’s mysterious disappearance perplexes retired officer in new doc: ‘I want to help bring some closure’

Joe Delia

For Phoenix Coldon, Dec. 18, 2011 should have been like any other Sunday — except the 23-year-old vanished and hasn’t been seen since. And now one law enforcement veteran is hoping a new documentary will encourage those who may know what exactly happened to come forward. Oxygen is launching a two-part docu-series titled “The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon,” which explores ...

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