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Alien news: Bizarre creature washes up on Australia

alien news creature australia reddit broome

ALIEN: The strange creature was found washed up on a beach (Pic: Reddit) The strange creature was posted online by a Reddit user who found it on the beach in Broome with his mum and girlfriend. A picture shows the creature on the sand with mottled-black tentacles with a balloon shaped middle, resembling a head. Internet users were perplexed by ...

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Alien news: ‘Secret base’ spotted on MOON sparks frenzy

A strange object is seen on the moon

A YOUTUBE conspirator believes he has found proof of a “secret space programme” being conducted on the moon. In the clip, a bright orange object can be seen planted in the centre of a crater. “What is going on on the surface of the moon?” asks Blake Cousins – of thirdphaseofmoon – as he zooms in on the unidentified object. ...

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Alien news: Nazi technology ‘exposed as floating bell stuns locals’

Nazi bell

Video footage captured in Gothenburg, Sweden, shows the bizarre scenes that commuters were faced with on November 6. As drivers looked into the sky, a strange “bell-shaped” object could be seen floating above the city.  Stunned pedestrians stopped in the middle of the street in awe, while others pulled out their mobile phones to record.  A one minute clip appears ...

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