Alien news: Bizarre creature washes up on Australia

alien news creature australia reddit broome

ALIEN: The strange creature was found washed up on a beach (Pic: Reddit) The strange creature was posted online by a Reddit user who found it on the beach in Broome with his mum and girlfriend. A picture shows the creature on the sand with mottled-black tentacles with a balloon shaped middle, resembling a head. Internet users were perplexed by ...

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Antarctica bombshell as ‘pyramids and tunnels’ found on Google Earth

Theorists claim Antarctica wasn

Now frozen and desolate, some claim the continent may have been home to an ancient civilisation. Others claim Antarctica was the home of the mythical city of Atlantis. And sightings of “pyramids”, “tunnels” and “lost cities” on the icy continent’s surface have brought more questions than answers with the most important being: Who made these giant structures? Here are some ...

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